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Selling since 2021

About Maïzly

Our founders, Tim and Marcel have found a way, using non-GMO corn, to develop a nutritious plant-based milk alternative that has a mouth-feel like dairy milk, and a smooth, round, natural taste so as not to impact on the underlying taste of whatever you add it to. A delicious flavored range and a custard have also been perfected.

Maïzly has identified the specific corn variant that not only provides a catalyst for the mouth-feel and look of dairy milk, but also for the unique characteristic of a complementary taste profile. Unlike the enzymatic process used for producing oat milk, there is no waste of either water or ingredients during the entire production process, adding to Maïzly’s positive sustainability impact and cost competitiveness. The corn variant identified also has favorable properties when used in the flavored range, whereby unlike other plant-based milks, the flavor remains vibrant throughout the shelf-life. “Maïzly” is a registered trademark in all major economic centers around the world.

The genesis of the Maïzly Infant Formula arose through personal travel experiences in Sub-Saharan Africa, where Tim and Marcel recognized the need for an affordable lactose-free infant formula that would be available in single serving and premixed sachets. In addition to the CODEX compliant formulas being developed, Maïzly has introduced the F100 and F75 formulas necessary for treating acute malnutrition in infants.